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I'm leaving this site. Overall, Kossacks have treated me much much better here than I deserve. They've certainly thought more of my diaries and my writing than I deserve. I love 99.9% of Kossacks to pieces.

Writers of GBCW diaries are told, basically, if you can't take the heat, get out of the fucking kitchen. I agree with that. I personally cannot take there deference paid to obvious wingnut trolls here these days. ME. I can't take it. I'm not speaking for anyone else and no one has my authorization to use my departure as a reason for their own.

I'm not going to say that if this website doesn't take care of one problem or another, that other Kossacks will leave. I don't know that and will not speculate upon it.

To those who will comment, "good riddance", I say this:


To those who will comment, "don't let the door hit you on the way out", I say this:

Thank you, I won't.

I'm pretty certain this will make the rec list, not by over-confidence but by just a behavioral study of my last 22 or so diaries. That's the data. I consider it strange. I explain it by guessing that there are a huge number of lovely, kind people here. This will be my last diary here. It will be my very first diary where I do not participate in the comments.

I'll explain why I'm leaving, while not insisting that it's a good enough reason to leave. It's probably not. It's good enough for me.

Yesterday, a fine Kossack posted a fine diary (which I will not link) wherein he simply and briefly related the facts surrounding a case where a twelve year-old child was killed with an poorly secured firearm. The comments section of that diary was immediately taken over by a cabal known as the Motherfucking Daily Kos Gun Club. Actually it's RKBA or something like that. They offered nothing but degradation of the diarist and of the opinions of anyone not exactly matching their own. And when I say "exactly" I mean fucking exactly. Unlike the majority of Kossacks (guessing here), I don't think there should be any more federal gun control legislation. I support the 2nd Amendment, as written, and don't think a word of it should be changed. As wingnut as that sounds of me, it wasn't wingnut enough for the Motherfucking Daily Kos Gun Club. The MFDKGC.

Yes, I insulted them right back. The extent that the altercation with certain members of the MFDKGC was my fault, I leave that assessment to any of you bored with life such that you want to weed back through all the comments. I admit fault. I do. They're fucking morons. I said so.

I've noted similar groups of morons around here lately. That they should be given the deference they have lately, that's not for me to decide. We used to get rid of people who, time after time, supported showpiece NRA GOP legislation and who called anyone disagreeing with them liars and worse.

I'm not saying that Daily Kos has become Redstate or Free Republic. Just that my desire to continue here has come to equal my desire to read and post on Redstate or Free Republic. Life is too short. Fuck the wingnut moron sons of bitches, you know?

I have only one area of real expertise and that's oil and gas wells. Just email me and I'll be happy to answer questions regarding that, and will authorize verbatim use of my answers in anyone's diary on that subject. I WILL NOT discuss anything else.

Anyone who might miss my fucking writing style, you need to start reading Crashing Vor. He's the best writer on this site. You lose him and you're REALLY fucked.

Bye, Kossacks. I love all but a very few of you, but it's my time to head down the dusty trail, trailing miles of proper fucking boom.

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